Moodle is a cost effective, accessible, dynamic e-learning facility providing relevant, timely training and discussion to the domestic violence victim service provider community. Funded by OVW, a department of the U.S. Department of Justice, this facility will offer timely courses on topics, trends and issues relevant to service providers serving domestic violence victims.

These e-learning courses are comprised of multi-dimensional presentations which can be accessed and completed at the student’s discretion. Course completion is predicated on passing a series of short quizzes and tests. Certification for completion will be available in the near future.

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Available Courses

  • Course IconThis course will explore the causes, impact, experience, and types of trauma as it relates to domestic violence survivors, and delve into the nature, application and implementation of trauma-informed care.
  • Course IconThis course covers how culturally appropriate and effective services can be created and provided by professionals in the domestic violence community and the importance of mastering culturally sensitive attitudes, skills, and behaviors.
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    Focus on Domestic Violence and Immigration Law

    This course will address specific issues for undocumented survivors of domestic violence. Special attention will be placed on the unique needs and considerations of immigrants.